Where And When Did Yahoo Go Wrong?

Why yahoo answers failed korean online chat app Understand its trek. Understand why and how it flopped. Introspecting on this journey promises to make one more prudent. On July 25 2016, Verizon announced its decision to acquire all of Yahoo! So how did this company, once synonymous see more internet technologies and why yahoo answers failed, go from glory to insignificance in less than faiiled decade? By Francis Navarro, Komando. Maybe it's a question about a unique situation, a personal experience, a specific health issue, a niche hobby - whatever it is, sometimes even the mighty Google search algorithms can fail you. If this is the case, there are plenty of other sites you can check in your hunt for answers. Of course, you can always hit your Facebook friends first or throw out a tweet, and hope that someone you know may actually know a thing or two about your query.

Dumbest Fails #54 - STUPID QUESTIONS On The Internet - Yahoo Answers (part 2)

Over the years, countless sites have offered to answer all your random questions with help from "experts" across the net. They're called expert networks, and in some cases, they can be kinda helpful. But these myriad services have never lived up to their billing. The quality of the counsel on these sites is inconsistent—"expert" so often seems a misnomer—and even with a site like JustAnswer, which aims to provide helpful counsel in real-time, you so rarely get the answers you want when you want them.

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The STUPIDEST Question on the Internet - Yahoo Answers and Reddit (2018)


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