World Cup 2018: The best England football songs RANKED

Vindaloo fat les lyrics should i ask him to prom quiz By Tim Glanfield Wednesday, 11th July 2018 at 9.47 am In 1970, a tradition began for the England football team to celebrate their participation in major tournaments with a song. The vindaloo fat les lyrics song, Vindaloo fat les lyrics Home, set a high bar for those that followed — and over the years both official and unofficial songs have been penned for every tournament in which England have played. Advertisement As time has passed, so has the style of song. some involving the players, others with nothing to do with the FA at all. Many involve celebrities and supergroups, but others began as parodies and jokes that rose to the very top of the charts. One thing they all have in common is music, football and passion for the England team — but to be article source truly classic England anthem, they need something more. to capture the imagination of a nation.

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The music was written by Blur bassist Alex James and the lyrics were written by comedian Keith Allen. The song was originally written as a parody of football chants, but was adopted as one in its own right and became a cult classic. Much of the song consists of the phrase "nah nah nah" and the word "vindaloo" repeated over and over by a mixed group, occasionally interspersed with lines such as "And we all like vindaloo" and "We're England; we're gonna score one more than you".

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England fans recreate Fat Les’ France 98 anthem Vindaloo as they march behind truck in Leek

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