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Ulsoor lake timings and entry fee halsey brother age This lake is very popular for boating and people often ullsoor here to capture the images of nature. Heres more information ulsoor lake timings and entry fee how to reach the lake, timings, entry fee, and other places to visit nearby. However, people are allowed to park on the roads. And for those who simply want to avoid the tension, using the public transport to come to the lake is the best option. Boating The lake has a radius of about 3 kilometres which makes it the perfect destination to go on a little boating adventure. A special boating club dedicated to this activity is present here as well, and you can either take a pedal or rowboat to go on an excursion around the waters of Ulsoor Lake. You can make stops at the many islands that are situated here, and admire a view of the lake from different points. The cost for the same is about INR 35 and is an affordable way to relax and unwind in the company of family and friends.

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Ulsoor Lake in Bangalore About Ulsoor, also known as Halasuru, is among the oldest villages in the city of Bengaluru and houses the Ulsoor Lake, which is considered one of the biggest lakes in the city. Renowned for its beautiful temples, the oldest of them being the Halasuru Someshwara Temple, this place starts from the eastern terminus of the MG Road and is situated in central Bengaluru. The word 'Halasina Hannu' means jackfruit in Kannada and as there was a jackfruit orchard in the place, it was also named Halasuru. Thus, the lake was christened as Halasuru Lake, which was later modified as Ulsoor Lake during the British era. The lake is marked with several beautiful islands and ancient temples in its vicinity, making it an interesting location for tourists.

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