Sebastian stan marvel contrato 4minute jihyun drama The Soldier is silent, relentless, and driven. Stan took time to talk to Newsarama about the role, and the new sebastian stan marvel contrato, which debuts April 4. Newsarama. Sebastian, you started playing Bucky Barnes in the first movie, who became the Winter Solider in the second. In the comics, Bucky became Captain America for a while. Is this going to happen with you?

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Which means now is the perfect time for a status update on just how long our heroes and protagonists will remain in this world. While he has no more MCU appearances left on his contract, he could always renegotiate to fill the Nick Fury mentor role assuming he survives Endgame. Then again, Marvel could also recast that role. The unassailable Captain America has proven to be the foundational character in this interconnected web of stories, a worthy centerpiece in its sprawling narrative. Evans has spoken numerous times about his desire to branch out beyond the comic book world once his contract expires and even bid adieu to his character on Twitter.

Actores de Marvel que perdieron papeles en otras franquicias

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Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Escape Room

Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan Continuously Roasting Tom Holland(Part-2) - Avengers: Infinity War

chris evans marvel contract

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