The Bay Area's 11 Best Standup Comedians

San francisco comedian woman marrying a chinese citizen in the us Much of them were based around issues that would never plague the likes of Louis C. For example, take how Amy Schumer was body-shamed after skyrocketing to superstardom, or how the still-unfolding and horrendous cyber crimes against Leslie Jones demonstrate the intersectionality of race and gender in the world of comedy. The divide between women and men in san francisco comedian woman is the disappointing offspring of the inequality between women and men at large. We must ask, though, are wman flashy journalists exaggerating the divide in comedy by constantly source about it? San Francisco-based comic Chey Bell attributes the absence of women in lineups to san francisco comedian woman negligence of some show producers. San Francisco based comic, Janine Brito, known for her dryly witty, matter-of-fact comic style, Brito is one of the city's top up-and-coming comics. Janine is a featured comic on RooftopComedy. Desiree Burch Desiree Burch is a writer, comedian, actress and creator or the The Hysterical Festival , a new festival for women in all areas of comedy. Chris Burns Chris Burns loves kittens, long walks on the beach and enjoys taking public transportation. She also is a radiant light-being who is working out some personal issues through her standup comedy performances at clubs all around the San Francisco bay area.

famous female comedians from san francisco

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Kazu Kusano, Japanese female stand-up comedian

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The SF Gay Area (Stand Up Comedy)

Dave Chappelle - San Francisco

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