How to remove Date from Meta Description on SERP?

Remove date from meta description wordpress george weisgerber age Most probably the answer will be a no for the obvious reasons. A new, remove date from meta description wordpress and unique post link get more attention than an old one. Therefore, here we will try to make you understand how to remove data from Google search results in a WordPress site. Are you looking for the effective ways to increase click through rates on your website?

remove date comments wordpress

Its ease of use and wide range of functionality makes WordPress a favorite for many website designers. WordPress comes with a default functionality to display author, dates and categories on all posts. These details are known as metadata. Unfortunately, WordPress has no switch for turning this feature off or on. However, the beauty about WordPress is that there are several ways to acquire the functionality you need from your website.

How to remove dates and meta informations

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how to remove date from google search result all in seo pack

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How To Remove Date From Google Search & Improve CTR

How to remove wordpress date and month of post in url

wp meta and date remover

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