Priyanka Chopra Jonas flaunts her 'mangalsutra' while away from husband Nick Jonas

Priyanka chopra husband nick jonas phone chat lines dallas Email Another royal wedding just happened, people. OK, so not actual royalty, but they might as well be. Chopraa talking, of course, about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' upcoming nuptials. After a whirlwind summer relationship, Jonas and Chopra confirmed in August they were engaged. Since then it's been a frenzied few months of red-carpet events, wedding planning, and bachelor and bachelorette priyanka chopra husband nick jonas.

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According to People, the two tied the knot at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on Saturday, and it sounds like their wedding ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. The two didn't announce when they'd be getting married ahead of the big day, but their Instagram posts this week offered some pretty helpful clues. Chopra posted a photo of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in Mumbai alongside her, Nick, and some other friends and family members. Aside from the Instagram hint, there's also the fact that the singer and actor held a puja ceremony this week, People reported on Wednesday. According to the magazine, the pre-wedding celebration was held at Chopra's house.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens Up About Intimate Three-Day Wedding to Nick Jonas

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It feels like only yesterday that the duo had us speculating about dating rumors and obsessing over their flirtatious Instagram comments. If you need clarification on the couple's whirlwind romance, from how they met each other , to how they met each other's families, look no further. September 8, 2016. Nick sends the first move via Twitter DM. They even knew the exact date that he sent the note.

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