How To Sign PhoneGap Build Apps

Phonegap build android release trouts meaning in english How to encrypt protect the source code of an Android Cordova App February 15th 2017 25. The phonegap build android release code of your application, readable for anyone that knows how to open an APK with a zip utility. Although our code is minified for production not made by cordova but usthe code still visible, it can be pretty printed and therefore readable. This ain't so good obviously as your code may expose security flaws if there's any in features like the login into your app, payments process etc. If somebody really wants to phonegap build android release your app, it can be hacked, go here or later unless your app communicates a lot with the server and most of the functionalities aren't on the device.

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For these and other reasons I prefer to keep using Visual Studio 2015, which has none of the mentioned issues. No more Windows Phone 8. To maintain these apps, continue to use Visual Studio 2015.

How to Create APK and Signing Key for Android App - Phonegap Tutorial

phonegap build tutorial

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Create your first app for free in under 10 minutes: Phonegap Build

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