Why Vin Diesel ends 'Fate of the Furious' with another Paul Walker tribute

Paul walker death crying rami malek movies on netflix Bring a box of Kleenex! It puts our favorite group of criminals together in order to go up against Deckard Stew paul walker death crying is out for their blood to get revenge for his brother. Typically you wouldn't expect these movies to be emotional but due to Paul Walker's deatj we advise for you to bring some tissues. Here are 10 moments in Furious 7 that will make you cry. The group starts off in multiple emotional situations including grieving Han's death, Letty still trying to come to terms with who she is since losing her memory, Mia expecting another paul walker death crying and so much more.

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That Cheshire cat grin. But it's his work in the "Fast and Furious" franchise that Walker will most be associated with on the screen. Over the weekend, scores of fans bid their own farewell to the actor in "Furious 7," watching him for the last time as Brian O'Conner, the family man who also fights international villains as part of a street racing crew. Advertisement But Walker's history with the franchise is a complicated one.

Vin Diesel Gets Emotional About Paul Walker - The Jonathan Ross Show

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Paul Walker Honored At The Noble Awards By Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez

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