Park Bom's Agency Addresses The Singer's Past Scandal Ahead of Album Launch

Park bom agency 2019 gospel coalition dating a non christian Park bom agency 2019 Twitter Fun Facts .corn. In sixth grade she moved to the USA on her own and lived with her aunt, the only person that supported her dream to be a singer .corn. Once graduating High School she majored in Psychology at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts .corn. With the support park bom agency 2019 her aunt she transferred to the Burklee College of Music to pursue her dream .corn. She debuted as feature artist in 2006, releasing singles with Big Bang, Lexy and Masta Wu. Watermelons because "it's better than rice" .corn. Also known as Alien, She is known for her quirky, energetic 4D personality .corn. Park Bom has ADD Attention Deficit Disorder .corn. she loves Moomin stuffed dolls and was given a whole family of them on the show Roommate she starred on in 2014. There was not a day without jokes, weird shinanigans or outcry for food. Whenever Bom was around there was energy in the room, even if along with the other girls, she was shy on variety shows. All park bom agency 2019 them were and still are very close, especially Bom got along with everyone equally though often interacted with Dara. Interestingly, the former 2NE1 member shared her own thoughts on the ongoing issues involving YG Entertainment. In a report from AllKpop , the South Korean singer held a showcase meant to promote her new album called "Spring. During the event, the 34-year-old artist were asked various questions, with one specifically aimed at her former agency. Basically, Big Bang's very own Seungri, as well as his agency YG Entertainment, have been under heavy scrutiny following multiple allegations.

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Park Bom Asked About YG And Seungri’s Controversy, Becomes Uncomfortable And Emotional


Park Bom signs with D-Nation Entertainment

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