Twitter makes ‘likes’ easier to use in its twttr prototype app.

New twitter likes creepy girl stories reddit Engagements are not gone from all Tweets, just behind a tap for replies. The new prototype app—named "twttr" after the social network's original name—allows testers to check out potential changes to Twitter, introducing new versions of the network before rolling them out to all Twitter users. One of the biggest prototype design choices aims new twitter likes encourage conversation by modifying how replies to tweets are threaded. Instead of presenting tweets in one continuous, scrolling feed, now replies to tweets are indented and slightly bubbled, giving a new twitter likes chat-like appearance mean to emphasize discussion. Subtle color coding has also been added, highlighting replies from followers. Eight reasons to use twitter s like feature Eight reasons to use Twitter's Like feature Twitter has ditched its old Favorite button and replaced it with a Like button complete with heart icon. So will the Like button have more appeal than its somewhat misunderstood predecessor? And what can you do with it?

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Twitter Post Like Machine - Working Method - 2018! - Verified.

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Twitter Changed Favorites to Likes

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