'Angel Has Fallen' Trailer: Gerard Butler Isn't Done Saving The President

London has fallen movie trailer miami korean community Whether audiences really need, or want, or deserve two new Butler offerings in consecutive weeks is a question that must go unanswered until the opening weekend numbers are in. London has fallen movie trailer days are just like that. Instead of Korean terrorists, we get a family of Pakistani arms dealers who just london has fallen movie trailer as terrorists. Once again, events are set up with an opening sequence set a year or two before the rest of the film, as a U. Still, an argument can be made that they overreact a bit, as they cook up a fantastically complicated series of actions that both destroy most of modern civilization and drum up a little business. A terrorist cell deliberately poisons the UK Prime Minister, thereby drawing together the world leaders to one location where they can be easily wiped out. Banning was after all instrumental in getting the White House back in the first movie which means he was bound to be just as ruthless and just as determined in this movie. True to form he takes out bad guys wherever he can with ruthless aggression and no apologies as he seeks to protect the US president, all the while trying to figure out just who the terrorists are and how they can root them out.

ANGEL HAS FALLEN Trailer (2019) Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman Action Movie

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A few parts were a little too graphic for my taste but I love when movies don't need to be "politically correct" and call bad guys just as they are, In this case middle eastern terrorist. It very obviously advertises itself as destructive action with a simple good guy bad guy message, a dollop of patriotism and a little smaltz. Perfect rainy day feel good flick. Its neither cerebral nor nuanced.

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