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Leah tate chattanooga myspace date a gay millionaire reviews A 25-year-old substitute teacher from Indiana leah tate chattanooga myspace been arrested by Federal Agents after he allegedly amassed over 90,000 pictures and videos of children engaged in leah tate chattanooga myspace activity. Michael Thomas Wilson26, of Valparasio, first came to the attention of investigators after they identified his username, " Wilson49332 ", to an individual leah tate chattanooga myspace had been previously been convicted in 2007 on child pornography charges. According to the Post-Tribunethe unidentified convicted man maintained a web account with the now defunct Google operated website, " Hello ", which at the time allowed people to share various files with other online users. One of the screen names on the site was the aforementioned "Wilson49332", which investigators eventually traced back to the Valparaiso University graduate student. After detectives paid a visit to his Indiana home they reportedly discovered thousands and thousands of files containing child pornographysome including images of a baby only a mere 4-months-old. Woman faces up to six years . A 20-year-old woman has been charged by police in her home state of Alaska after accusing her ex-boyfriend of violently raping her. Elisa LaCroix, of Anchorage, initially told police that her ex-boyfriend, 24-year-old Cole Rothacher, held a knife to her throat as he brutally raped and punched her in the stomach. After he was done with that, LaCroix told them that Rothacher threatened to kill her unborn child. Because of the severity of the allegations and apparently some sloppy police work Rothacher, a four-year Army veteran, was lodged in jail for roughly two weeks. The only problem was none of that was ever true, not even close.

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