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Katawa shoujo all possible routes find rich guys online free Click to expand. Not anymore! It's strange finally being able to post in this thread again! Over the rutes three weeks of playing Katawa Shoujo I've had so many specific things I wanted katawa shoujo all possible routes write about in this LTTP, and even though I can only recall about half of it all, it would be too much to fit it one post. I quickly read the website and at the time dismissed it as a weird dating simulator. I came back to it years later. It tells the story of Yamaku Academy — a school for disabled students in northern Japan.

Katawa Shoujo - Oops... (Hanako's Bad Ending)

katawa shoujo endings summary

Because of this, he is forced to abandon his old life and transfers to Yamaku High School, a school for students with disabilities. Though he struggles to adjust to this, he meets five different students who serve as possible romantic interests for him. Each person has her own distinct disability and in spite of the difficulty that comes along with whatever it might be, they all have learned to adjust and live with their conditions. In any case, Rin Tezuka, the character I ended up with on my first play, is quite the interesting case.

katawa shoujo routes ranked

Katawa Shoujo Beta Version - Hanako Good Ending / "Hanatrue" route

katawa shoujo misha route

Но на вечеринке я подумала о другом. А тебя не смущает, Ричард, что мы с тобой так и не обвенчаны.

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