Top 10 Greatest Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

Jonah hill django unchained imdb the rules of work review Jinah on September 7, jonah hill django unchained imdb by OGR Total Recall 2012 — Rumours that Colin Farrell tried to engineer a threesome with Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel were later found to be true, as were rumours that Farrell tried the same thing with the cleaner and a homeless one legged Albanian woman that slept near the studio. Sexy Jonah hill django unchained imdb — Ben Kingsley warmed up for his intense role as gangster Don Logan by headbutting entire baskets of puppies. Grown Ups 2 — An unshaven Adam Sandler walked into a production development meeting wearing cargo shorts and just click for source t-shirt full of holes. Brave — A sex scene was story-boarded but discarded due to time constraints. Savages — Reports that John Travolta had a different masseuse sent to his trailer each day were angrily denied by Mr Travolta himself, who assured all present that he would NEVER order a female masseuse.

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Subscribe Total. Quentin Tarantino is an Exceptional story teller, director and actor. He has a unique way of telling his stories and presenting them. Using pop culture, past film references, reusing his own music and making cameos are few of his infamous habits in the movies.


Unlike most of his child actor contemporaries who failed to make the jump to adult acting, he has somehow managed to avoid being typecasted and has built himself an impressive filmography featuring some of the greatest films ever made. The film followed Gilbert as he came of age and made difficult decisions about his future. While Depp was excellent as main character Gilbert, it was DiCaprio who stole the show with his performance as Arnie. He displayed an impressive maturity and range rarely seen in child actors and stole the limelight every second he was on screen. Film lovers also enjoyed the film, scoring it 7.

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The Godfather

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