The Blood of Entertainers: The Life and Times of Jimi Hendrix’s Paternal Grandparents

Jimi hendrix father and mother heart logo clothing brand Tweet James A. He grew up in Vancouver B. He married Jimi's mother, Lucille Jeter ca. Al was a single parent for the majority of Jimi's life, working at a variety of odd jobs and struggling to make ends meet. His parents were traveling vaudeville performers whose troupe disbanded in Seattle in 1911. Her article reminds us of the rich entertainment heritage dating back to the beginning of the 20th Century that Jimi Hendrix drew upon when he eventually became one of the most famous and successful Rock musicians of all time. As I reflect on the origins of the Hendrix family, it is with a sense of warmth and appreciation for those who laid the foundations that we have built upon. Ours is a rich heritage, filled with intrigue and energy. Although Jimi is the most widely known member of the family, he was not the only Hendrix with artistic talents.

Jimi Hendrix 'Voodoo Child' (Slight Return)

Purvor When it comes to musical icons like Jimi Hendrix it can be difficult to separate the person from the all-consuming myth that has built up around them. But, along with his music and the stories about him, there also exists some more personal artefacts in the form of his letters. He grew up in Vancouver in British Columbia and moved to Seattle in 1940.

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