Ian Somerhalder Bio, Baby, Wife – Nikki Reed, Age, Height, Net Worth

Ian somerhalder height age african dating agency organization The actor worked on the set of The Vampire Diaries from 2010 to 2017. During his time on the show, he garnered recognition and someryalder for his outstanding performance. He is the second child of Edna and Robert Somerhalder; his mother is a massage therapist while his father ian somerhalder height age a building contractor. His influence in the American celebrity world is largely defined by the successful role of Boone Carlyle in the drama, Lost, and Damon Salvatore, in the other captivating drama, The Vampire Diaries. He is the son of Edna Somerhalder, a massage therapist and Robert Somerhalder, a massage therapist. He has a sister called Robyn Somerhalder and a brother, Robert Somerhalder. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The course of his acting career was defined by a series of successes because of his spectacular display of talent, emotion, and maturity in the series Young Americans, The Rules of Attraction and The Tournament.

16 Least Known Facts About Ian Somerhalder Movies, Networth, Wife, Age

ian somerhalder wife

One picture of ian and nina barefeet. If nina dobrev is 5'5, ian looks about 5'8.

ian somerhalder and nina dobrev

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