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How to impress a parsi girl christian events montreal We are apolitical," requests 27 year-old Tashan Mistree, referring to hand and lotus party symbols that adorn a psychedelic graffiti wall. Point taken. Some igrl them wonder whether they should slip on how to impress a parsi girl white and yellow Zyng Zoroastrian Youth For The Next Generation tees, a fashionable representation of the one year-old youth forum they are members of. When youth meet-cute Instead of resorting to uncool matrimonial platforms, some as retro as horoscope matching, Zyng gives Parsi-Zoroastrian youth the opportunity to interact over a thrilling game of paintball, hoping that a few of those interactions snowball into marriage.

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The word Parsi originated from Persia, which literally means Persian, the official language of Iran. During the 8th and 10th centuries, most of the Parsis migrated to Gujarat and Sindh because of Muslim intruders trying to conquer Iran. Parsis are the descendants of Zoroastrian culture, whose founder was Zoroaster or Zarathushtra. However, in contemporary India, Parsis are said to be shrinking in number, to the extent that, reportedly, they would soon be considered a tribe rather than a community.

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