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How old is dc young fly daughter interpals red messages He is also a link popular rapper and artist. Early years He was born in Atlanta on May 2, 1992. He lived in a dangerous neighborhood and soon he joined teens on the streets, listening to music, rapping and eventually involving into criminal activities. He grew up on the west side of Atlanta called Adamsville and he attended Benjamin E. Mays High School. Image Source John Whitfield has everything you could think of that is related to entertainment. The young American entertainer, better known as DC Young Fly, has a very special way of displaying his skills as a comedian, actor, rapper, singer and TV host. No wonder he is rated among top internet personalities we have today. Here are more things to know about the street boy turned icon.

DC Young Fly Catches His Daughter Doing The WRONG Type Dance!

dc young fly net worth 2019

DC Young, a well-known name, has risen to fame through his funny contents and established himself as YouTube personality. Career as Comedian. He has all different layers of talents of an actor, a rapper, a singer and mostly comedian. He has comic charms from his childhood days which later flourished into a Vine comedy. He started Vining back in 2013 at the time of introduction of the app itself.

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DC Young Fly & His Daughter Spending Some Quality Time!

dc young fly movies

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