Men don't think they 'have a right' to talk about birth control. Seriously

Girlfriend isn t on birth control han sun hwa drama Email We happen to know there's one really confused guy out there who thinks women use birth control in their ongoing efforts to be 'sluts'but the truth is many women use birth control to keep girlfriend isn t on birth control sex lives healthy and active. Here's the thing. I've been on one type girlfriend isn t on birth control another for over six years at this point, and I've found that sometimes, birth control or rather, the side effects of some forms of birth control can negatively affect a relationship. So what's a responsible, sexually active woman to do? Some women on hormonal birth control especially those on the pill even feel the effects of female sexual dysfunctionwhich could mean low libido, difficulty with orgasm and vaginal dryness.

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I learned two things in writing this article. The first was how uniform the uncertainties of hormonal contraceptives are. Every woman I asked about her difficulties with the Pill had a similar experience.

Signs You Are Pregnant While on Birth Control

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Why I Stopped Taking Hormonal Birth Control [The Pill]

Is the "Pull Out Method" Safe??

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