Google's New Podcast App Could Turbocharge the Industry

Freakonomics iphone app somewhere over the rainbow 50 first dates Tuesday, it corrected that oversight. Much freakoomics the recently launched Google Tasksfreakonomics iphone app Podcasts app feels fairly minimalist at launch. I occasionally use Google Play Music to listen to podcasts—you still can, if for some implausible reason you prefer it over a dedicated app. When you search for and click on a given freakonomics iphone app, you can scroll through recent episodes, as you might expect. The Podcasts app will also recommend a related podcast underneath the one you chose. Opt out or contact us anytime Levitt is happiest grappling with questions that have the potential to overturn the "conventional wisdom. The sudden and precipitous crime drop in the 1990's took everyone by surprise. Plenty of plausible-sounding hypotheses were put forward to explain it. But when Levitt turned an economist's eye to the data, he found that most of the supposed causes -- innovative policing strategies, stricter gun control, a strong economy, the aging of the population -- had a negligible effect. Others could be shown to play a limited role. increased imprisonment seemed to account for a third of the crime drop; the crash of the crack market for 15 percent; the hiring of more cops for another 10 percent.

Vaccine scandal grips China: Now what?

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