How to Download and Prepare TDS Certificates

Form 16 tds download blake lively age starting gossip girl Frequently asked questions, related to Form 16 What is Form 16? Form 16 contains a detailed record of every tax form 16 tds download from the salary of the employee by the employer. This is the reason why every employer must issue this Form 16 to their employees if they exceed downloxd minimum floor limits.

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Story How to file IT returns if employer refuses to give Form 16 You may be worrying over the fact that it is almost the end of June, but your employer has not issued Form 16 - a certification which validates that taxes have been duly deducted from your salary. This form is of immense help when it comes to filing income tax returns, and it also provides a much-needed verification, stating that TDS tax deducted at source has been made on your salary. However, if your employer has not yet issued your Form 16, there are other ways to help you file income tax returns even without that all-important document. Guidelines issued under Income Tax Act The Income-Tax Act instructs that employers should issue the TDS certificate on or before June 15 every year, right after the financial year comes to an end when tax deduction happens. Failing to issue Form 16 to employees after TDS has been made can result in consequences where the employer will possibly face a penalty of Rs 100 every day until the certificate is issued.

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