17 Affordable Date Ideas for College Students

First date ideas university students dating agencies in scotland Challenge each other to a game of bowling. Even first date ideas university students you get all gutter balls, nothing loosens people up like a little friendly competition! Take a hike Get in touch with your inner adventurers by spending the day exploring a local hiking trail. Get dressed up for a night at the theater.

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Traditional coffee dates reflect more networking than a date and dinner and a movie is so cliche. Having a fun first date can allow you to see if you two can be adventurous and have fun together. Here are some first date ideas for college students that go beyond the boring! Go on a bike ride Whether you are riding around your old neighborhood or are exploring a new place, bike rides allow you to have interesting conversations with your date.

Going In For The First Kiss

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College is a time for trying new things and for expanding your comfort zone. So why shouldn't we be going on dates that involve casinos, skydiving, fancy dinners downtown, hot air balloon rides or going to see a traveling Broadway play?

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Things NOT To Do On A First Date

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