Growing Faith: Prisons, Hip-Hop and Islam

Fastest growing religion in american prisons ransomed heart audio podcast Resources for the Media Extra Info. Mark Hamm's book "The Spectacular Few. Prisoner Radicalization and the Terrorist Threat," published in 2013, provides insight into terrorist attacks that were led by men ggowing had been radicalized behind bars. Mark Hamm, a religino who has authored several books on the penal system and also has consulted with national and international counterterrorism agencies, drew a straight line from incarceration to radicalization in a 90-minute talk Thursday at the UA's College of Education, from which he is a graduate. He said that although Americans may wish to blame Islam for the radicalization that often takes place behind barbed wire and high walls, the reality is fastest growing religion in american prisons different. Hamm also pointed to a recent New York Times story as evidence that prison radicalization is a serious problem. The story said two-thirds of fastest growing religion in american prisons key players in the Brussels and Paris terrorist attacks had been radicalized while incarcerated.

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Join over 325,000 people receiving email updates. Instead, they are churning out a high number of offenders that are not rehabilitated but rather hardened and radicalized - thanks largely to religious indoctrination within prison walls. Such imams are unlikely to aid the de-radicalization of Islamists in prisons and could potentially make them even more firm in their beliefs," said a senior civil service official.

И уже через две минуты, выскочив на площадку, пылко обнял Эпонину. - Ах, мамзелька моя, - проговорил он, отрывая ее от земли на полметра, - как мне тебя не хватало.

A Growing Number of Latinas Are Converting to Islam

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U.S. Muslim population to double by 2030

Prison treatment of Muslim woman called into question

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