Financial services provision and the prevention of financial exclusion

Eurobarometer data access im not interested in you in spanish The shape of the division in cultural behaviour is probably similar in most countries in Europe. The next diagram based on Eurobarometer data nevertheless implies that the actual percentage numbers are characteristically different in the various EU member countries. Those who have visited historical monuments — palaces, eurobarometer data access, churches, gardens, etc. In spite of regional, civilisational, historical and other differences, at least a quarter in every European society belongs to the culturally inactive category. It is a regional characteristic, that while in the west cultural deprivation is particularly grave among urban migrant population, in the new eastern member eurobarometer data access cultural exclusion is primarily a rural and post-industrial phenomenon. This gender pay gap is not only unfair in principle, but also in practice. It puts women in precarious situations during their careers, and even more so after they retire, with a gender pension gap of 36. While there is no instant solution to fix this inequality, there are ways to bring about concrete change. The Commission has put a number of proposals on the table to address this issue in the workplace and at home. It is urgent that these are taken forward by the European Parliament and by Member States in the Council to achieve some concrete results, for instance by improving the rights of working parents and carers to take leave to support their families.

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