Traditional Wedding in Afghanistan

Engagement in afghan culture matt jordan rhoa net worth They bring with them sweets engagement in afghan culture gifts for the bride to be and money and clothes for the family members of the bride. The two parties then discuss matters of dowry as part engagwment Afghan marriage customs. It generally consists of livestock, property and money. The intervening period between the engagement and the marriage The groom and his family must finance the bride money for purchasing her jewelry, clothes and other trousseau. It is a contested tradition that is viewed as having no foundation in Islamic law and does not appear in the new draft marriage law. It is also not to be confused with the dowry mahr which should be given to the bride in case her husband dies or divorces her. When the families have agreed to the marriage the real negotiations around the wedding and the bride price start and usually take place at the house of the bride-to-be. However, the negotiations about the bride price can be lengthy.

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Many Muslim men marry relatively older in life, saving for years to be able to afford the engagement and wedding requirements. In Afghanistan, there are many religions and different ideas and different thinking about women's rights even regarding wedding customs.

Afghan Couple Engagement Video: Wamick and Layma

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April 17, 2017 When a man and a woman wants to get married in Afghan culture, the guy sends their family over to the girls family for a marriage proposal. Once the parents of the girl, has accept the proposal, the girls side of the family gives chocolates to the eldest of the guys side of the family.

Amana + Haris - Afghan Engagement Highlights - Foto Heart Studio - Canada

Afghani Engagement video - Fawad & Donia -

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