Teenage Moped Driver Dies in Road Accident, Larnaca

Cyprus news larnaca accident oxymoron definition in english Europe Greece and Cyprus in Mourning After Plane Crash The bodies of 119 of the 121 people on board the Cypriot airliner which crashed northeast of Athens as neas as the plane's second flight recorder have been recovered, Greek cyprus news larnaca accident television reported Monday. One of the worst crashes in Greek cyprus news larnaca accident Rescuers were concentrating their efforts on locating the bodies of the two remaining victims in the burned out wreckage of the aircraft at the bottom of a ravine. The search for bodies from Sunday's crash had gone on throughout the night under powerful arc lights.

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See the crash site All 121 people on board a Cypriot airliner are feared dead after it plunged into a hill near Athens after an apparent drop in cabin pressure. A text message sent from the plane said that the pilots were unconscious and passengers were freezing to death. Greek F-16 fighter jets were scrambled when contact with the Helios Airways plane was lost during the flight between Larnaca in Cyprus and Athens. Greek television said the plane's black box recorders had been recovered. Relatives of some of the passengers gathered anxiously at Larnaca airport, and complained they had waited for hours without being told of their loved ones' fates.


Three killed in two road accidents on same night pics Three people were killed in two separate collisions Thursday night, with two victims dying in a Paphos-Polis head on-collision and another biker in Limassol slamming into a car driven by a man under the influence. Police say two Cypriots from Polis Chrysochous were killed Thursday night when their cars collided on the main road between Paphos and Polis, with a female driver dying instantly and a male driver later at the hospital. On the same night in Limassol, an 18-year-old man from Bulgaria was killed when his bike slammed into a rental car, driven by a 44-year-old Greek national who appears to have blocked the way by making a right turn. Paphos victims did not wear seatbelts The head-on collision took place on the Paphos-Polis road, and a preliminary investigation suggested 31-year-old Gregoris Andreou was driving his pickup truck at an excessive speed when it collided with a saloon driven by 42-year-old Evgenia Louka. None of the victims were wearing seatbelts, police said.

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Повернувшись, Ричард и Николь бросились на главную внутреннюю дорожку и молнией метнулись в третье крыло пятиугольного сооружения. На этот раз они бежали не сворачивая, пока не оказались внутри крыла. Тут уже было совершенно темно. Люди замедлили бег, и Ричард вынул фонарик, чтобы обозреть окрестности.

Cyprus Rally 2018 - The accident -Watch until the end to see how close we came to having casualties

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Спросила Николь. - Неужели ты реально рассчитывала на то, что Элли скажет: ага, мама, великолепно, ты очень умно поступаешь. Жаль, конечно, что тебя больше не будет, но я полностью тебя В дверь комнаты постучали.

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