Central Florida Scottish Highland Games

Central florida highland games tickets 401k divorce rules texas Last Slide Next Slide "The Scottish Highland Games today are an extension of historic Scotland and athletic training from hundreds of years ago," said Chip Central florida highland games tickets, president of the Scottish American Society of Central Florida, which was founded in central florida highland games tickets to celebrate and carry on the Scottish traditions in the U. The Highland Games in Scotland date back 700 years to the Battle of Bannockburn, and they have been carried on ever since. For the last couple years, Crawford said the two-day event in Central Florida has been averaging about 25,000 people. The games will consist of various competitions, one of which includes athletes who compete to see how far and high they can throw heavy weights. There will also be a competition called boulder boogie, where people compete to see who can walk the farthest while holding a giant rock.

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The games featured athletic, bagpipe and dance competitions and the Parade of Tartans. However, the 33rd annual Central Florida Scottish Highland Games, which have been a part of the Orlando area for many years, are actually expanding. They offer people of all backgrounds the opportunity to learn more about Scottish culture, music and tradition. Last year we brought in close to 20,000 spectators over the two days and this year we are expecting about 25,000," said Tim Oliver, director of marketing for the games.

central florida scottish highland games 2019

There will be great entertainment and games taking place. Rain or shine this event goes on. Anyone can compete in these games.

2019 Central Florida Scottish Highland Games

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Central Florida Scottish Highland Games 2018

Parade of Tartan, Central Florida Highland Games 2016

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