“Alphaville”: Visions of Modernity

Alphaville godard full movie online milliklubi helsinki finland Cars stole their way through sheets of rain, while tourists and workers hurried with coats pulled tightly around their necks. I was staying for a single night, returning from visiting family in England over Christmas. That night I slept dreamlessly in the bed of a not uncomfortable Ibis hotel. Paris http://hippopota.me/seks-znakomstva-v-stavropole/farmers-dating-app-at-bonfire.php beautiful. Paris, alphaville godard full movie online any other city, also has the capacity to be unbeautiful. Private eye Lemmy Caution is dispatched to a sinister futuristic metropolis to liberate its enslaved citizens by destroying the controlling Alpha 60 computer. Sci-fi, comic books, hard-boiled paperbacks, B movies and serials are all referenced as Godard turns Eddie Constantine into a Bogartesque anti-hero who operates in a supposedly futuristic city that can only be reached through intersidereal space. But, in fact, it can be accessed by crossing a bridge, as Alphaville is none other than contemporary Paris, which is given the soulless feel of a distant dystopia by cinematographer Raoul Coutard's inspired use of its bleak modernist architecture and nocturnal illumination. Godard shrewdly anticipates the omniscience of computers and the dehumanisation of a near-robotic humanity through such Orwellian strategies as the suppression of art, love, thought and individuality.

Colin MacCabe introduces Jean-Luc Godard's Alphaville

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