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Algorithm to find perfect matching date a gay millionaire reviews In other words, a maximal matching is go a proper subset of any other matching of. For example, the following graphs are maximal matchings — Adding any edge to any of the above graphs would result in them no longer being a matching. Maximum Matching — A matching of graph is said to be maximum if it is maximal and has the maximum number of edges. Algorithm to find perfect matching may be many possible maximum matchings of a graph. A perfect matching is therefore a matching containing edges the largest possible , meaning perfect matchings are only possible on graphs with an even number of vertices. A perfect matching is sometimes called a complete matching or 1-factor. The nine perfect matchings of the cubical graph are illustrated above.

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Bipartite perfect matching is in quasi-NC - Fenner

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Bipartite Graphs/Matching (Intro)-Tutorial 12 D1 Edexcel

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