Yarker woman believes thieves stole jewelry during open house

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It was the weekend before Christmas when Genny Landis first noticed something was amiss. Her jewelry box was missing from her bedroom. She started looking for the other jewelry she kept in the room and it, too, was gone, thousands of dollars in watches, rings, earrings and bracelets, much of it 18-karat gold. There were no signs of a break-in and, even if someone had attempted to get in, her four dogs would have been quite the deterrent. I find it very difficult to think that somebody would have broken in with four dogs.

Патрик остановился, чтобы прислушаться, однако не мог понять, что это за звук. Он прошел еще сотню метров и тут стал кое-что различать.

Патрик прислушался: впереди можно было различить шуршанье металлических щеток, сопровождаемое характерным свистом. Послушав несколько минут и вспомнив про наставления, Патрик вернулся к семье и друзьям.

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