Credit Card Decline Messages: Everything You Need To Know

Why is my credit card being declined for online purchase funny whatsapp group names for friends It can be frustrating and unnerving to try and use your debit card only to be told the transaction was denied. Your account has insufficient funds. You are exceeding your daily spending limit. Most banks and credit unions have specific limits imposed on their cards. And there are a number of ways you can trigger a rejection. Here are nine reasons your credit card issuer would freeze you out, and what you can do to prevent these blunders in the future. Even an online purchase from a foreign country could raise an alert and stall your credit card, says Linda Sherry, director of national priorities at Consumer Action. You find the perfect item — a designer scarf. But if that online merchant is based in a foreign country, your activity will be registered as a purchase abroad, and once again, your credit card may not work.

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