Chicago PD season 5, episode 4 takeaways: Snitch

Who is the snitch in chicago fire how does bumble work reddit Who is the snitch in chicago fire gets called away by Ruzek for some back up but Burgess stays behind at the party. The season premiere was very Halstead and Voight heavy, the second week was very Burgess driven, last week was Anotonio-focused and Platt had quite a bit of a role, while this week we got to see more of a storyline for Atwater, Ruzek and Upton. The next day Ruzek approaches Upton in the ifre room and reveals that someone saw him hit the suspect and reported him. Rusek shows him the cash and Eddie agrees to call Kurtis Lawrence Adimora. Hank Voight Jason Beghe and Dt. Alvin Olinsky Elias Koteas watch on video as it unfolds. Kurtis orders them to put their cell phones in the basket as Atwater sits at the bar. He reveals he is a real cop but when he asks if it was Kurtis, Eddie says he is not going out like a snitch, draws his last breath and dies.

Family Shows Up - Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

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Kidd Rushed to Chicago Med - Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

Chicago PD - We Blew It (Episode Highlight)

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