This is what happens When a Libra woman is Hurt: 7 Things to Expect

When a libra woman is hurt reddit forever alone female She won't cause a scene, she'll simply put a smile on her face, be straightforward, and tell you what you did that hurt her and forgive. As a matter of fact, a Libra woman sometimes is when a libra woman is hurt forgiving. However, she will lihra you, take note, and never forget. She holds grudges, but you have hurt her time and time again or intentionally do her wrong for her to become angry enough to react.

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Love and Relationships There goes a saying.. They treat how you treat them. Show them your heart is in the right place and they will give that back.

The Bunz Cell - How a Taurus Woman Hurt me. The Aries - Libra Opposition

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August 26, 2018 Cassandra Nostredame Leave a comment When a Libra woman is hurt, your chances of getting her to stay are surprisingly decent. She knows exactly how much work and effort she has put into the relationship, so she does not want to just throw everything away. A Libra woman will fix the problem when she can, although she will end things if nothing seems to be helping the situation. At first, a Libra woman might act like nothing is really wrong.

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