5 ‘Well Meaning’ Bits Of Advice Single INFJs Are Sick Of Hearing

The single infj andrew garfield movies breathe Enneagram. 925 I believe INFJs are one of those types that does value being single for quite an extended time after a relationship. I myself the single infj been single for nearly three years since breaking it off with my ex-fiance. Like you, I do get asked frequently if I am dating anyone and met with confusion and pity; but I am pretty content where I am at right now. If I don't get into a relationship this year, I am totally fine the single infj it. I am not seeking anyone right now at the moment.

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We are prone to long bouts of loneliness since we have difficulty trusting other people with our inner selves, and we find it difficult to initiate relationships because of our introversion. However, we can make fantastic partners for the right person. If, like me, you are a young INFJ, you may never have experienced a serious relationship.

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The Blind INFJ

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Things Only A True INFJ Would Understand

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