Sons Of Anarchy’s 20 most shocking moments

Sons of anarchy episodes 5 love languages for married couples He settled scores with the Anacrhy gun runners and everyone else who displeased him, including the double crossing Charles Barosky played by Peter Weller, a sons of anarchy episodes director of Sons episodesand August Marks Billy Brown. But there was no way that show creator Kurt Sutter was going to end this massively ambitious sons of anarchy episodes run by allowing Jax to escape his many sins. Sutter touched all the bases here and cleaned up all the loose ends, ending the season while it was still a strong ratings draw for FXas opposed to hanging on and overstaying his welcome like many hot shows do. When Sutter and Katey Sagal invited me into their home to live blog the last Emmy AwardsKurt mentioned privately he thought Springsteen might lend him a song for the final episode.

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So narrowing down its most shocking moments to just 20 is a tall order. Bobby loses an eye Greensleeves, season 7 episode 7 Being in an outlaw biker gang is dangerous business, and Sons Of Anarchy never shied away from punishing its core cast members. Marks even sent the Sons a shiny new iPad so they could watch a video of his henchman scooping out the aforementioned eyeball with a grapefruit spoon. Tig shoots Donna The Sleep Of Babies, season 1 episode 12 Tig does an awful lot of reprehensible things over the course of the show, but he is at least unswervingly loyal to the club.

Sons of Anarchy - season 1 - gunfight

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