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Solo female travel uzbekistan how to answer what are you looking for on tinder This often includes solo female travel uzbekistan, visa, LOI letter from your Tour Companyflight tickets, proof of balance optionalhealth insurance besides other documents. So have the originals and the photocopies in your bag ready before you leave for Uzbekistan. Get A Good Travel Insurance Package Getting a travel insurance which preferably solo female travel uzbekistan major destinations and undertakings is vital. In fact, most tour companies will ask for it and we, at Minzifa Travelhighly recommend getting it.

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Email The history of Uzbekistan is inseparably linked with the ancient caravan route known worldwide as the Great Silk Road. Major cities of Uzbekistan are the pearls of the Great Silk Road. Definitely, it is one of the most unique and unusual destinations that is worth traveling to.

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Chor Minor Madrasa. a madrassa with four tall towers that represent different religions within Uzbekistan. Naqshbandi Memorial Complex. a beautiful mosque and religious site worth walking around.

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Sarah is a travel photographer at Eye Travel Photography. She is an experienced solo traveler who is passionate about all things Asian and Middle Eastern. Sarah loves traveling with a camera and is particularly inspired by vivid colors in photography, as well as art, culture, and eastern religions. You can follow her on Instagram sarahloistravels. Please enjoy her gorgeous photos and evocative writing style as she shares her story of solo travel in Uzbekistan.


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A solo female traveler in Uzbekistan — my experiences However brave traveling alone to Uzbekistan may sound, I admit that I felt anxious when I crossed the border from Kyrgyzstan. With my blond hair and a big backpack, I quickly caught the attention of the other people who were waiting to cross the border. People were looking at me with curious eyes and I became very self-conscious.

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