The cast of Smallville – where are they now?

Smallville cast then and now willow triumph classic cars After all, would fans accept a Lex Luthor with a full head of hair? As evidenced by Batman v Supermannot really. Rosenbaum embraced the character and portrayed him in a new light by making him both the greatest enemy to Clark Kent and his most trusted friend and smallville cast then and now. Rosenbaum didn't remain with the cast throughout the entire series run. He left the show after seven of its 10 seasons but returned for the series finale to reprise his role.

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As with many actors on Smallville, Stamp appeared sporadically throughout the series between seasons two and ten, voicing the character of Jor-El whenever Clark needed the most help. Since the series ended in 2011, Stamp has taken his career rather slowly, starring in one or two productions a year. Part of the reason she scarcely returned after the show's seventh season was because she landed a leading role on ABC's V in 2009, a remake of the Sci-Fi miniseries of the same name from the early '80s. Unfortunately, the network canceled the series in 2011. Vandervoort then moved on to guest star on shows such as Family Guy , White Collar , and Haven, before landing another leading role in Syfy's Bitten.

Smallville Cast Then And Now 2001-2013

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Superman and all his friends had once again become big-screen heroes, and the CW was gearing up for a new age of superhero shows like Arrow , The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Even the cast of Smallville seemed poised for bulletproof careers outside the borders of their little town in Kansas.

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The cast of Smallville — where are they now? The show, which stayed on our screens for a decade, gave us the origin story of Superman before he became known as the Man of Steel. It was a teen drama with a superhero difference, a formula which proved to work in its favor.

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