Possible Penalties Associated With Assault and Battery in Louisiana

Simple battery louisiana misdemeanor rochester new york population Convictions for these offenses can carry harsh criminal consequences and a negative social stigma. Depending on the circumstances, assault and battery can be felony offenses. This is particularly true if a weapon is involved.

is domestic abuse battery a felony or misdemeanor in louisiana

Legal Blog of Thomas V. Battery is generally considered to be a more serious crime than assault and carries harsher penalties, but not always. In Louisiana, assault and battery covers a wide range of criminal charges from relatively minor charges like simple assault to very serious offenses such as aggravated second degree battery. These are the definitions and potential penalties for assault and battery offenses in Louisiana.

Simple battery in Louisiana is a misdemeanor offense. The more serious grades of battery are second degree battery and aggravated battery, which are felony charges. Therefore, a judge could sentence the defendant to jail time, pay a large fine, or both. It is entirely up to the judge if he wants to order probation for simple battery as opposed to jail time. This decision has a lot to do with the severity of battery, the criminal record of the defendant, and the likelihood of the defendant attacking the victim again.

Louisiana Battery Charges - Baton Rouge Battery Lawyer

how to drop simple battery charges in louisiana

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