Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Relationship A Secret From Your Parents

Secret relationship from parents voting procedures nonprofit organizations Two years ago, I did something absolutely intolerable and absolutely horrific. Let alone a confused 16-year-old girl. I had always been connected to both my culture and secret relationship from parents faith. So when I did get a boyfriend, it was kind of like an identity shock. Was I doing the right thing? Can their clandestine love work out long-term? We plan to live together and eventually get married. Although we have no issues with our differing religions and backgrounds, his parents do. When his parents found out about me shortly after we began dating, they threatened to kick him out and cut him off. Instead of standing up for our relationship, he told them that we broke up.

how to tell your parents you have a boyfriend at 14

Your relationship is one of them. Your parents may be the most understanding ones on this planet, but believe us, it always gets complicated. Of course, you must commit. It is not so much about how understanding your parents are as much as it is about how briskly equations change the moment your parents come into the picture. Here are some points you must consider before you open up to your parents about your relationship with a girl you just met.

I Thought My Dad Was Cheating, but the Truth Was Even Worse

my parents found out about my secret boyfriend

There is really no good reason for hiding a love relationship. Love thrives when the lovers spend time together among family and friends in various situations. First comes the questioning, followed by the teasing and broadcasting within the circle; but the best part is the acceptance. By the time one person becomes suspicious, that individual may have shared personal information enough for the secret friend to locate him or her.

STORYTIME:Hiding my relationships for a YEAR AN A HALF!!!!

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