Sandalwood Carving of Karnataka

Sandalwood craft karnataka richard wilkins michelle burke Arts sandalwood craft karnataka Crafts of Karnataka The marvelous creations of arts and crafts sandalwood craft karnataka Karnataka is evident in the palaces as well as the elite bungalows of the past. It reveals the royal delicacy and the expertize and efficiency of the craftsmen. The arts and crafts of Karnataka lie in even the articles of day to day use like an earthen pot. The arts and crafts of Karnataka is traditional. They have evolved through ages from one generation to another.

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Karnataka has a huge forest-belt and sandal wood carvers are found in Bangalore, Mysore, Shimoga, Sorab in the foothills to Sirsi, and Honavar and Kumta on the coast. Sandal wood is of two types. Sigandha which is close grained and yellowish-brown in colour and used for carving and Nagagandha which is darkish-brown in colour and from which oil is extracted. Indian Sandalwood is one of the most sacred herbs of Ayurveda. Sandalwood powder and essential oil are renowned for their many medicinal and spiritual uses. But the wood itself can be used in creating wonders in much different ways.

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Searching for Tour? Contact us Karnataka has a host of legacy and royalty chasing it and it is best observed in the various arts and crafts of the state.

Indian SandalWood Crop Cultivation - Srigandham - Rythu Ratham - AP24x7

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Sri Manjunatha handicrafts emporium, Bangalore

Sri Kaveri Handicrafts Industry

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