Sailor Moon Was The Gayest Cartoon On Television

Sailor moon characters uranus lee donghae fansite Viz Media, a anime distributor for North America, now holds the license for the original Sailor Moon anime. There are five television series featuring 200 episodes, three movies, and several specials. The episodes.

sailor uranus and neptune

Copy Link Copied 14 They aren't cousins... The time has come for these two Sailor Scouts to come out of the fictional cartoon closet! Alright, so most fans probably know that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were a couple, not cousins.

Sailor Moon Drops Outer events characters Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Chibi Moon

sailor neptune

Sailor Uranus and Neptune are in fact lovers in the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon and in the Sailor Moon manga, so yes, they are homosexual or gay. This is how their relationship is in the Japanese version of Sailor Moon and in the manga. However, their relationship was changed to that of cousins for the English version of Sailor Moon for U. The translator for the event left Naoko-san in a lurch, not fully comprehending the homophobia in the West that makes such a pairing unacceptable to some for those in the don't know, Uranus and Neptune are two female characters who enjoy a close relationship. Naoko-san's answer was that, yes, they were a couple...

sailor uranus and neptune

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