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Required minimum distribution multiple retirement accounts college christian girl blog If you have more than one IRA, you will have to required minimum distribution multiple retirement accounts carefully to ensure you don't incur a penalty for skipping your RMD. RMD Calculation RMDs are based on your life expectancy click your age at the end of the year for which you are taking the distribution, but using the account balance at the end of the prior year. So, if you turned age 70 in early 2012, you would have to take this web page distribution for that year, and you would use age 70 to determine your life expectancy required minimum distribution multiple retirement accounts your IRA account balance as of Dec. If you have multiple IRAs, the IRS requires you to add all your accounts together and then divide distribtion total by your life expectancy from the appropriate table. Otherwise the savvy investor would calculate RMD based on the smallest account, thus extending the tax benefits for as long as possible.

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But you may not want to do that. His initial 2017 RMD would be due by April 1, 2018. However, his subsequent RMDs are due by Dec.

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RMD Calculations

Required Minimum Distribution from IRA and Help to Lessen Impact

Required Minimum Distribution from Multiple Accounts

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