Relationship breakthrough testimonies

Relationship breakthrough testimonies wendy the waitress reddit Check out these testimonies from people who have been seeking God to bring breakthrough in different areas of relationship breakthrough testimonies lives. We hope you are encouraged as we are! Healing One of my faith goals in 2011 was healing for my mother-in-law.

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For a while I had been living a life of insecurity, defeat, depression, brokenness, and total oblivion to the world around me. But, I avoided confronting the real issues at all with anyone. You see the pattern. The more I got trapped within myself, the more the devil was feeding into my spirit all of the things I should do, who I should listen to, who not to listen to, who to steer away from not all necessarily for the good , and who to just completely avoid at all costs!

Relationship Restoration

Shop Healing Testimony Unleashes Breakthrough I remember as a young pastor having an unusual experience while reading the book of Revelation. I could feel the presence of God on that verse. I know He blesses the entire Bible, but this was different. Looking back,...

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Prayer For A Broken Relationship

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It's still all like a dream. My prayer is that sometime during the day our LORD will kiss you on the forehead and say, good job, dad, I love you, my son! I watch porn to the fullest, lust in my heart always, lying, stealing, malice, anger, gambling, to Numerous to mention. But then I said I will repent and give my life to Christ, which I did, but was still living in those sins I was doing, no Salvation. Pastor Kumuyi said if you are genuinely born again, those sins you did before you can't do them anymore.

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