Collecting Vintage Fountain Pens

Parker 45 propelling pencil matsumoto jun girlfriend 2019 I mentioned that I used that pen all through high propeloing and college. When I graduated from college in 1965 I received a graduation present of parker 45 propelling pencil Parker 45 Signet pen and pencil set. In those days I rarely carried more than one fountain pen. I retired the Student pen when I started using the Parker 45. The picture above shows the pen and pencil set. Parker always tried to fill the demands for both expensive and economy line pens. During the Vacumatic era Parker offered the very beautiful and popular Challenger and the Parkette. During the1950's, following the phenomenal success of the Parker 51, Parker produced three lines aimed at the economy market, so called school pens. The main difference to the top lines being the material rather than the design. Thus the economy pens are more prone to breakage and often sported alloy, rather than gold, nibs.

Vintage Parker Duofold Senior Pen Set

parker fountain pen

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parker 51

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