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Oxymoron definition in english hobbies to put on a dating profile Wiley Oxymoron - definition. A figure defintiion speech in which seemingly contradictory or incongruous terms appear in conjunction. Examples. cruel joke; dull roar, cold sweat; Hell's Oxymoron definition in english deafening silence; a fine oxymoron definition in english, a well-known secret, a man child; disaster relief and Holy hell! We interpret oxymorons based on political, cultural, socio-economic and religious views, negative and positive biases, firmly held opinions and other factors. Our interpretation is also based on the meanings we attach to individual words and combinations of words and on the extent to which we understand and interpret the multiple meanings of certain words. For these reasons, people often interpret oxymorons differently.

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Today I would like to share a little bit about it. In other words, two words that have different meanings are used together at the same phrase. I personally and actually found about it on Facebook through my friend Thaisa Pedron. She shared a photo from the English Forum website, a very interesting forum where you can improve your English and help others to do the same. And its explanation of the meaning of the oxymoron was more clear and easy to understand.

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Original copies Liquid gas The above oxymoron examples produce a comical effect. Thus, it is a lot of fun to use them in your everyday speech. Short Examples of Oxymoron in Speech There was a love-hate relationship between the two neighboring states. The professor was giving a lecture on virtual reality. Paid volunteers were working for the company.

Oxymoron Meaning

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Oxymoron- English Vocabulary


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