SIX SHAME FACES ~Konya mo Saikou!!!!!!~ [Osomatsu-san ED 2 Single]

Osomatsu san ending 2 full express vpn free There are so many idols in Japan right now, and most of them are quite popular. In response to the craze, there are also countless anime with an idol theme. You just need to be cute and let your fans watch you grow. Enjoyment 6 Osomatsu-san's second season is not offensively bad or even bad at all. I can't say it didn't manage to entertain whenever I sat down to watch it every monday. But with every new episode, it felt like something was lacking, like something from season one was lost. To start with, the move from two or more "scenarios" per episode to episode-length "scenarios" feels like a misstep. With season one, sketches never became too tedious outside of fan-least-favorites like F6 because of the fact that they were not the length of the entire episode.

let's go muttsugo

But what a darling prompt! Prince Karamatsu x Maid! His birthday no less, shared with his five other brothers.

Osomatsu-san ED

osomatsu san six shame faces

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