1D Preferences #397: He messes up during a live show...

One direction preferences you play with his fingers mortuary management system software Liam. From the audience, you watch your boyfriend and his four bandmates get in their positions. The all-too familiar beats of WMYB begin to play and you can see Liam tapping his foot to the rhythm. The one direction preferences you play with his fingers were performing live on Good Morning America, one of the most watched morning shows on television. Liam's cue to begin singing hits and you wait for his melodic voice to belt out the first line of the song, but you hear nothing but the drums and guitar in the background. You look at Liam quickly, but he's just staring into the crowd mindlessly, his face pale, as if he can't believe he'd missed his cue.

5sos preferences you play with his fingers

Less time asleep, more time awake late at night, constant headaches, lack of proper nutrition, and anxiety over whether you were doing something right were beginning to take its toll. Not to mention, your sex life had plummeted. It had been months. Not to mention that anytime you had gotten into bed, sex had easily taken the backseat to sleep.

Harry Styles: Imagine @Sophiasabers (Part 1)

one direction preferences you wear his boxers

Feedback would be absolutely amazing of you have the time! Preference ideas are always welcome as well! You had just gotten back from a late class at university and Harry was still out doing some important One Direction related things with the rest of the boys, so you decide to pass time with some TV.

Everyone in the room could see how tense he was. His usually happy face had a frown on it, his eyebrows where drawn together a crease forming in between them. Lou finished his hair and rubbed his shoulder. Getting up and ignoring everyone trying to talk to him Harry walked out of the dressing room and down the halls of the arena One Direction was playing in tonight as he kept texting you. Anger and worry filled his veins thinking of what you where going and where you could be.

Harry Styles flashes his finger willy at Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik

One Direction Imagines

Did another character die in your book? Niall gave you a pout, shifting his blue eyes to the blanket you had draped across your lap. Lifting the very edge, he scooted himself in closer beside you, setting your feet tenderly in his lap.

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