The American Civil War: A North-South Divide

Northerners vs southerners slavery david duchovny every third thought lyrics We asked our visitors, social media audiences, and staff to generate a list of the questions or topics about the Civil War northerners vs southerners slavery they think are the most misunderstood. In providing answers to these, our goal is to do the research for you, consulting with primary sources, leading historians, and the latest scholarship, and distill it into something you can northerners vs southerners slavery quickly over a cup of coffee. There was neither a North nor a South during colonial America when the colonies treated their relationship with Britain as much more important than with each other. The slave market in Atlanta, Georgia, 1864. Library of Congress When Europeans first colonized the North American continent, the land was vast, the work was harsh, and there was a severe shortage of labor. White bond servants, paying their passage across the ocean from Europe through indentured labor, eased but did not solve the problem. Tensions between settlers and former indentured servants increased the pressure to find a new labor source. Early in the seventeenth century, a Dutch ship loaded with African slaves introduced a solution—and yet paradoxically a new problem—to the New World.

north vs south slavery

The Civil War that raged across the nation from 1861 to 1865 was the violent conclusion to decades of diversification. Gradually, throughout the beginning of the nineteenth century, the North and South followed different paths, developing into two distinct and very different regions.

Whitney Plantation museum confronts painful history of slavery

differences between the north and south before the civil war powerpoint

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