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Norman reedus age in boondock saints better off bowling boston Lisa Waugh 225. Wouldn't want any walkers to sneak up on you! Before he became an actor, Norman Reedus was just a disgruntled bike mechanic who happened to fall into acting without agd even trying. Norman reedus age in boondock saints also used to be a professional model, although he was never truly serious about it. Mostly, Reedus has appeared in a bunch of dark films where he either killed someone, thought about killing someone, or was suspected of killing someone. More Articles March 27, 2017 After six years and as many as seasons, The Walking Dead continues to thrill a rabid fanbase ravenous for weekly tales based on the eponymous Robert Kirkman comic book series. The show has seen its fair share of changes over the year though, and a vocal minority has accused the show of running on steam amidst growing competition on basic cable. After all, Reedus has emerged as the easy breakout character to come out of the series. Though the actor has earned his greatest fame to date for his role on The Walking Dead, he has also cultivated a fairly prolific film career over the years.

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First Film Norman played the main role of Van in Floating 1997. Personal Trainer Whenever Norman is on a break from shooting, back home in New York, he hires a personal trainer to stay lean or shed holiday weight gain, especially right before leaving for Atlanta to work on the next season of The Walking Dead. He has an inbuilt gym in his Atlanta home to stay consistent with weight training.

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